Hospitality Writer - this is a blog featuring marketing and communications advice for hospitality venues

A 23-year-old from the UK, Dani started DB Hospitality Writer to combine her skills in journalism, marketing and communications with her love for hospitality and travel experiences.

Dani uses her six years experience in the marketing industry to advice hospitality businesses on how to best show off their venues, with a particular focus on influencer marketing. Currently travelling the world and a frequent visitor to hotels, restaurants and hospitality venues alike, Dani is also a keen writer on industry trends from a consumer point of view.

Here you’ll find a Directory of places she has visited that have reached her recommendation list.

Dani is always on the look out for a good cocktail menu and a delicious carbonara!


  •  BA Hon(s) Multimedia Journalism
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing,
  • Diploma in Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management
  • Six years industry experience in online marketing for business

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